2nd Place Does Cut The Mustard

It’s all well and good to be No. 1 in your brand category, but coming in second isn’t so bad either.
Take, for example, Gulden’s mustard. Executives at International Home Foods, which owns the brand, freely acknowledge that their product comes in second after top-ranked French’s.
That status proved beneficial when the producers of the Twentieth Century Fox film Picture Perfect came calling.
In the movie, Friends star Jennifer Aniston (shown here) plays an ad executive who conceives a campaign around Gulden’s being the second most popular mustard brand.
Gulden’s, whose real ad agency is Young & Rubicam in New York, has developed in-store promotions and a public relations campaign around the film.
“They had this idea where they wanted to use a No. 2 brand in the movie,” explained Gulden’s vice president of marketing Ceola Shelton. “Gulden’s is a No. 2 brand, and we granted them permission.” -Angela Dawson