The 25 Funniest Brand Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Headshot of Katie Richards

In 140 characters or less, brands on Twitter have given themselves a bad name. It's not exactly hard to understand why—from a series of Twitter missteps, to overused, lazy jokes or their persistent desire from some brands to insert themselves in conversations they don't belong in.

Why even bother following a brand's Twitter account?

Every so often a brand gets it right. Some demonstrate quick thinking during real-time events, as seen by Oreo's famous dunk in the dark Super Bowl tweet. Others use quick wit to win people over, think Arby's Grammy tweet pointing out the resemblance between its own logo and Pharrell's hat.

Then there are brands such as Totinos and DiGiorno Pizza that crack absurb and silly jokes at unexpected times to garner laughs and followers. Totinos tallies 77,400 Twitter followers, while DiGiorno has racked up 93,100.

Take a look at funniest brand accounts in the video above that may even have the power lighten up that dark, brand-hating soul of yours.  

UPDATE: And follow all 25 brands from this Twitter list.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.