24/7 Unveils Search Campaign Analysis Tool

NEW YORK 24/7 Real Media today introduced Insight SE, a tool that evaluates the performance of paid and unpaid search engine campaigns by measuring total marketing costs against cumulative sales to determine return on investment.

The New York-based interactive marketing and technology company said the offering would provide an unbiased, third-party analysis of a company’s campaigns across multiple search engines. The type of information available to a marketer includes: which keywords provide the highest amount of sales and best ROI; which search engines are most effective for a particular campaign; which search engines provide the highest volume and quality of traffic; and where prospects drop out of the sales process.

Insight SE, which is a hosted application service provider, will help “search buyers plan and maximize spending and optimization efforts. It captures sales path data from the initial click-through sign-up and it does so across engines,” said 24/7 president of technology Tony Schmitz in a statement.