$120 Mil. Ad Push, New Name for Brink’s

NEW YORK When the Brink’s Co. spun off it’s commercial and residential home security business last year, it gave the new unit three years to change the name. Now, two and half years ahead of schedule, the entity is rolling out a $120 million ad campaign trumpeting the new moniker: Broadview Security.

Ads from Draftfcb highlight the high-tech aspect of Broadview’s services. One shows a mother and her young daughter playing in the backyard of a suburban home as a prowler watches. The thug then tries to break in but is rebuffed by the loud alarm. Cut to a Broadview security rep who calls instantly asking if everything’s OK. The startled mom says no and the man promises to send help.

A Broadview rep said though the Brink’s name is well known, it conjures up images of armored trucks. Broadview, a name devised by Landor Associates, was meant to evoke “broadband,” among other things. In a research note, Vance Edelson and Peter Park of Morgan Stanley praised the company for choosing the name (“The name Broadview is suggestive of broadband, where we believe the industry is ultimately headed,” they wrote) and for changing the name ahead of schedule to reduce royalty fees to the parent company.

Brink’s had spent about $40 million annually on measured media, but the new plan calls for $40 million per quarter until the end of 2010. The rep said much of that spend will be in the form of a cable buy.

Nielsen Business Media