Top 5 Fastest Growing US Agencies in the Southwest

These shops from Arizona to Texas lead the way in the region

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From Vegas to Phoenix, Houston to Fort Worth, the growth of Southwest agencies is as big as the region. And with increasing ambition, it’s primed for a bright future. Here are the top 5 fastest growing agencies in the Southwest by percent change in revenue. (Number in parentheses represents overall ranking.)

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Artisans on Fire (25)

  • HQ: Las Vegas
  • Growth: 298%
  • Select Clients: Planet 13 Entertainment Complex, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, Trece Eatery + Spirits
  • Classification: Full-Service

Artisans on Fire’s growth is fueled by gray-market industries such as cannabis, hunting, online casino gaming and daily fantasy sports. The agency founders spent over a decade learning the art of making compliance-safe marketing more impactful, and its staff is passionate about erasing the stigma gray-market niche industries face. The shop launched as a marketing solution for brick-and-mortar casinos and online gaming sites and has grown as cannabis and online sports betting regulations have eased. Artisans on Fire prides itself on making each brand distinct and more approachable for mainstream consumers.

Integrate Agency (27)

  • HQ: Houston
  • Growth: 268%
  • Select Clients: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, iFly, Orangetheory Fitness
  • Classification: Full-Service

Integrate Agency president Allie Danziger says the agency is willing to take growth-oriented risks in the business, “which ultimately allow us to deliver a better experience for our clients and employees.” Its leadership team believes in collaborating, failing fast and learning faster, and making bold moves to help its clients win.

PMG (71 tie)

  • HQ: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Growth: 116%
  • Select Clients: Beats by Dre, Michael Kors, SurveyMonkey
  • Classification: Digital

PMG has expanded its operations in Dallas and Austin, Texas, and doubled its employee base in New York and London in the past year. The independent company delivers its “Digital Made for Humans” promise through Alli, its marketing intelligence platform. Recent wins include partnerships with SurveyMonkey, Michael Kors and Omni Hotels & Resorts.

OH Partners (92 tie)

  • HQ: Phoenix
  • Growth: 72%
  • Select Clients: Arizona Lottery, STP, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas
  • Classification: Full-Service

A Southwest agency anchor in Phoenix with offices in Las Vegas, independent OH Partners is a valued regional partner for brands and is growing its national footprint. Its growth comes from a three-year run of exceptional business development while ensuring that clients have access to the highest levels of the organization.

Alpha Business Images (99)

  • HQ: Dallas
  • Growth: 57%
  • Select Clients: DFW Airport, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, VisitDallas
  • Classification: Full-Service

For Alpha Business Images, the drive for growth and success comes from squeezing as much out of the hidden layers of audience intelligence as possible. To that end, the Dallas agency built a proprietary platform to find the most optimal points of intersection to fully maximize budgets. 

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@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.