These 100 Global Agencies and 10 Solution Providers Saw Staggering Growth in Uncertain Times

Adweek's second annual Fastest Growing rankings demonstrate the value of expertise and resourcefulness

To say that running an ad agency today is tough would be an understatement. Models were already changing, work and clients were moving around rapidly and then, this year, a pandemic and social unrest only added to the challenges brands and agencies face. Even so, agencies and solution providers around the world have proven up to the task and are becoming even more valuable partners to brands, as shops of every stripe continue to deliver results. These are the shops that make up Adweek’s second annual Fastest Growing list. Even in the face of adversity, these quickly growing shops in every category imaginable—from creative to b-to-b, performance to full-service—illustrate why brands rely on their expertise and resourcefulness to ensure success. We invite you to see this year’s class of high performers, including seven of our top 10 agencies that clocked four-figure growth percentages. Learn each agency and solution provider’s story and see why these communities continue to carve out a critical and forward-thinking leadership position for clients and brands. —Doug Zanger

How we calculated our list

To be eligible for the Adweek’s Fastest Growing list, shops provided three years of earned revenue from 2017 to 2019 and had to have at least $250,000 of revenue in 2017. Participating agencies were required to certify the accuracy of their reported revenue figures, and we performed additional auditing to determine the accuracy of the submissions. Due to privacy, figures are not disclosed. Agency descriptions are based on submission forms.

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Check out the top 100 Fastest Growing agencies and solution providers by category:

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