Tim and Eric Get Trippy to Help You Find a Better Mattress

Purple’s quirky Facebook campaign hits another weird high note

Hello, early 90s vibe. Purple / Facebook
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Take a moment to remember your most recent ideal weekend. After two or so days of relaxed bliss, did your Sunday evening arrive with a sense of impending dread and vague anxiety? Did you find it hard to get a good night’s rest before the inevitable Monday dawn, after which you’d have to return to the stress of corporate deadlines and a micromanaging boss?

According to Purple Mattress and the creative comedic duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, you were suffering from an acute case of the “Sunday Scaries,” and they have found just the gurus to help you overcome your affliction … sort of.

Purple Mattress teamed up with Heidecker and Wareheim of Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! for a six-part campaign airing exclusively on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The short videos star the comedians as sleep experts Quirky and Geno Purple, and they resemble late night infomercials circa the early 90s, complete with ethereal synth background music and a hilariously lackluster green screen. What transpires is over two-plus minutes of the surreal, absurdist satire that has defined the comedy team for over a decade as Quirky and Geno attempt to provide the “sleep tools” necessary to beat Sunday night sleeplessness.

While the power of Purple brand mattresses certainly shines through the retro glitch-like imagery and oddball dialogue, it’s Heidecker and Wareheim’s random, unique brand of humor that takes center stage. Even a year after the end of their show, the creative pair continues to cultivate a loyal audience through the “Sunday Scaries” campaign, which just released its third installment where they attempt to help a worried student who “could really use some ideal sleep.” It’s a strange trip for most, but an excellent return to form for fans of their older work.

“We’ve built an agile ecosystem of content that we believe will get better as the campaign progresses, entertains the sleepless community, and also get them thinking seriously about having their next zonk on a Purple,” said Keenan Pridmore, director of Facebook Creative Shop.

Purple Mattress is the latest brand alongside Airbnb and Chevrolet to connect with Facebook Creative Shop for platform-specific advertising. Check out the trippy “Sunday Scaries” videos on the official Tim and Eric Facebook page.


Client: Purple Mattress
Platform Partner: Facebook Creative Shop
Production Company: Abso Lutely Productions

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.