L’Oréal Executive Joins ANA to Lead Gender Equality Push

Nadine Karp McHugh will serve as SeeHer's first president

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Nadine Karp McHugh is SeeHer's first president. ANA
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The Association of National Advertisers has appointed Nadine Karp McHugh to lead SeeHer, the initiative it founded four years ago to advocate for a more accurate portrayal of women and girls in advertising.

Karp McHugh will serve as SeeHer’s first president, a role that will involve helping ANA members leverage SeeHer’s insights, tools and learnings to grow their bottom line. Additionally, Bob Liodice, CEO of the ANA, said she will “tap into all ANA business systems and expand our many partnerships” to grow SeeHer.

Before joining the ANA, Karp McHugh served as senior vice president of omnimedia strategy, investments, data-driven marketing and creative solutions at L’Oréal. Prior to that, she held leadership positions at Colgate-Palmolive and Mindshare.

In her new role, she will report to Liodice and become a part of the ANA’s executive management team.

“As a woman, as a mother and a daughter and senior level marketer, I understand the importance and the power behind SeeHer,” Karp McHugh told Adweek. “I wanted to help drive that forward, to make a real difference. As marketers, we have a responsibility to leverage our spend to finally achieve gender equality.”

When SeeHer was first founded in 2016, its initial goal was to increase the accurate portrayal of girls and women in advertising, media and entertainment by 20%. The ANA claims that SeeHer surpassed that goal in late 2018, and has now set its sights on a new mission: ensuring that 80% of measured media is free of gender bias by 2030.

In 2017, SeeHer established the Gender Equality Measure (GEM), which measures consumer perceptions of how female actors are portrayed in advertising and media. GEM asks consumers to evaluate a number of factors, such as whether a woman is portrayed respectfully and if she’s seen as a positive role model. Since its inception, the tool has been used to evaluate more than 110,000 ads, according to the ANA.

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