LeBron James Will Introduce GMC’s Electric Hummer in 30-Second Super Bowl Ad

Leo Burnett Detroit is the agency behind 'Quiet Revolution'

GMC will introduce the new electric Hummer EV with a 30-second Super Bowl ad entitled “Quiet Revolution.”

The carmaker announced its entry into the Super Bowl this morning, which it was widely speculated would promote the return of the Hummer as an electric vehicle, and released a series of teasers. GMC also confirmed that the ad, titled “Quiet Revolution,” will feature LeBron James.

“Quiet Revolution” will hype several aspects of the powerful vehicle, including its 1,000-horsepower engine, with the ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in three seconds. The ad’s title juxtaposes the vehicle’s power with the quietness inherent in electric cars.

Leo Burnett Detroit created the ad, which will run during the second quarter. The campaign will be supported by digital and social components, including a YouTube masthead takeover on Friday.

“GMC builds premium and capable trucks and SUVs, and the GMC Hummer EV takes this to new heights,” said Duncan Aldred, global vp of Buick and GMC , in a statement. “We are excited to debut our revolutionary zero-emissions truck during the biggest night in TV advertising.”

The Hummer EV, built at GMC’s Detroit plant, will make its debut on May 20.

@ErikDOster erik.oster@adweek.com Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.