FYI Brand Communications Becomes FYI Brand Group, Creating 5 New Divisions in Relaunch

The agency is focused on creating 360 brand moments for its clients

Tammy Brook, founder of FYI Brand Group
Headshot of Diana Pearl

For your information—FYI just got a makeover.

FYI Brand Group, a communications, brand strategy and marketing agency that was first founded in 2001, unveiled a relaunch this week that featured a new name, new divisions and a renewed focus on driving the story for its clients, which include stars like DJ Khaled and French Montana, athletes like Russell Westbrook and Amar’e Stoudemire and luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent.

FYI’s founder Tammy Brook said that the relaunch came from a growing realization within the company that there was a need to reorganize according to clients’ needs in 2018. We’re living in a world driven by technology and pop culture—which Brook said are the “drivers for all information”—and the intersection of the two can create these special social media moments.

“There was a natural evolution of what our agency service offerings were expanding into,” Brook told Adweek. “We realized that the whole nature of storytelling can’t be compartmentalized, and you can’t represent one piece of a brand. We had to change our business model to create real-time pop culture conversations that will live digitally.”

Now, the company will have five major divisions to serve its clients: Brand management and partnerships, publicity, original narrative content (often in video form, such as a docuseries or a short fashion film), experiential marketing (including pop-up shops, surprise performances and other client-centered experiences) and social impact.

And it’s all nested under the FYI Brand Group, a slight switch from its previous name, FYI Brand Communications.

The focus now, Brook said, is trying to making its clients’ highlight moments into something greater. That could start with creating the moment from within, or capitalizing on one that sprouted up on its own on social media.

An example Brook points to is FYI’s work with DJ Khaled. After his Snapchat channel started to grow in popularity and his “major key” catchphrase worked its way into the lexicon, Brook said the team knew that was the time to solidify his personal brand in pop culture history.

“Now you have a captive audience, let’s make that Snapchat moment a career for you,” she said. What FYI wanted to create, she said, was a 360 moment.

They did just that: DJ Khaled is now a bestselling author thanks to his book, The Keys, and launched a corresponding social impact campaign that engages young people across the country, the Khaled Keys Program. The program allows participants to unlock their own “keys” through completing various tasks. He’s also become a motivational speaker, partnering with big names in the space like Tony Robbins.

And though FYI may look a little different, the core mission remains the same, Brook said: Deliver quality content for its clients.

“We’re always going to do best-in-class storytelling,” she said. “We always say we’re not storytellers, we’re story creators. We’re here to create your story, and then we tell it. We’re always going to drive the narrative.

@dianapearl_ Diana is the brand marketing editor at Adweek and managing editor of Brandweek.