20th Century Fox and AT&T Were Among Last Week’s Biggest Spenders on New TV Ads

Kantar Media looks at the advertisers dropping the most cash

Amy Schumer's new movie Snatched is being heavily promoted by 20th Century Fox.
20th Century Fox Pictures

Have you been seeing a lot of Mark Wahlberg lately? And maybe a fair share of Sprint’s spot featuring a human and dog look-alike, too?

Sprint and AT&T were among the top five spenders on broadcast placement for new creative for the last week of April. Combined, the two companies spent nearly $17 million on new campaigns, according to figures from Kantar Media. As a whole, advertisers spent a little over $887 million on broadcast placement for the week of April 24, up from $871 million the week prior, with around 10 percent of that earmarked for new creative. For the top five spenders, new creative represented 43 percent of the $39.5 million spent on broadcast placement.

For the third consecutive week, the NBA Playoffs took in more money spent on new creative than any other programming, as advertisers spent some $6 million on broadcast placement during games as the NBA Playoffs reached the conclusion of its first round. Other top programs for new creative included The Voice and American Housewife.

The top national advertiser for new creative last week was 20th Century Fox Pictures, which spent 40 percent (roughly $3.8 million) of its total spend of over $9.5 million on placement for new ads.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, over $3.3 million of that went to a new trailer promoting Snatch, a mother/daughter comedy starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn which debuts on May 12. The studio began promoting the movie back in March and has spent a total of $9.7 million on national broadcast placement, and $4 million just last week (including previously released trailers). The studio also spent a comparatively small $459,000 on placement for new creative promoting Alien: Covenant, with The Voice being the top program for its new creative placement for both movies at $201,000 for each.

Of the top five spenders on new creative, AT&T actually had the largest total budget for broadcast placement at over $11.8 million. The network spent $3.6 million of that, 31 percent of its total broadcast budget, on placement for BBDO’s new “Terms and Conditions” campaign starring Mark Wahlberg. At $637,00, the NBA Playoffs was the top programming for the effort.

Walt Disney Pictures spent a solid 82 percent of its approximate $4.3 million broadcast placement budget on new creative, with $297,000 of that spent on placement during the NBA Playoffs. Most of that went to promote Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, with the sequel receiving around $3.4 million of the just over $3.5 million it spent on placement for new creative. Interestingly, the top program for the movie’s new trailer was not NBA Basketball but Fox’s ratings giant Empire, which received $288,000 of the spend.

Sprint spent 40 percent of its total $7.8 million broadcast placement budget on new creative featuring human/canine lookalikes Topher and Rosenberg promoting its unlimited plan. Nearly $500,000 of that $3.1 million went to the NBA Playoffs.

You’d be excused for not recognizing (or forgetting that you’d seen) the advertiser rounding out the list of the top five spenders. Pharmaceutical company Takeda spent some $2.8 million on placement for a new ad promoting its Trintellix brand. That represented 47 percent of Takeda’s total broadcast placement budget of just over $6 million. Unsurprisingly, the NBA Playoffs received more of the spend than any other programming, at $265,000.