These Were Last Week’s 5 Biggest Spenders on New TV Ads

Kantar Media's data shows which advertisers spent big

LG spent the most on new creative last week. LG

If you watched any television last week, chances are you saw new ads from LG, Walmart and Burger King. You may also have noticed some trailers for new Warner Bros. movies or gotten a certain Hyundai jingle stuck in your head.

Advertisers spent nearly $871 million on broadcast placement for the week of April 17, according to data from Kantar Media, with around 13 percent of that spent on new creative. For the five brands that spent the most on new TV advertising, however, new creative accounted for 63 percent of their total spend, or around $25.5 million.

Not surprisingly, a good deal of the money brands spent on new creative, which totaled around $109 million, went to the NBA playoffs and ratings favorites Empire and The Voice.

LG spent the most on new creative during the week, committing over $9.2 million to the broadcast component of Heat’s debut campaign promoting the LG G6. That accounted for around 75 percent of the brand’s total broadcast spending of approximately $12.5 million. Around $1.15 million of that went to Fox’s Empire, prime time’s most expensive advertising option.

For the No. 2 advertiser, Walmart, new creative represented an even greater portion of its overall spending. The retail giant devoted 96 percent of its $5 million total for the week to the new “Chain Reaction” spot promoting its efforts to fight hunger. Over $1 million of that went to NBC’s The Voice.

Fast-food chain Burger King, which made headlines recently with an ad from David Miami hijacking viewers’ Google Home devices, devoted around $4.3 million of its approximately $6.7 million broadcast advertising total on an ad promoting its new Steakhouse King burger. Just under half of that was spent on advertising during broadcasts of NBA playoff games.

Warner Bros. spent around half of its $8 million total broadcast spend on new trailers for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Dunkirk, Unforgettable and Everything, Everything. It advertised on programs including the NBA playoffs, Once Upon A Time and 2 Broke Girls.

Of the top five advertisers on new broadcast creative, Hyundai devoted the lowest percentage of its overall spend to the jingle-fueled spot promoting its hybrid Ioniq. The automaker spent a little over $3.1 million, or 39 percent of its total spend, on the new creative, with more of that going to NBA basketball than any other program.

@ErikDOster Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.