Video ads

YouTube Is Introducing New Ways to Help Small Businesses Make Better Video Ads

YouTube wants to turn video ads on its platform into a DIY possibility for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Snapchat Is Pushing Marketers to Turn Up the Volume and Ditch Silent Ads

Snapchat is teaming with Moat, a burgeoning ad measurement player, to help marketers better understand their campaigns' effectiveness. One of the more interesting elements they'll focus on: audio.

This Movies Website Is Running Nonstop ‘Peanuts’ Video Ads in the Background of Its Homepage All Day

This idea will either create the kind of ad impressions Hollywood marketers covet or tick off viewers—or both. 

Brands Are About to Find Out How Powerful GoPro Videos Can Be

Spellbinding scenes captured by adventure seekers and even wildlife made GoPro the hottest video camera around. And now, the company wants to give marketers a sharper view.

Pinterest Puts Its Own Spin on Video Ads With These Cinematic Pins

Pinterest ads are now more on point. The social network has started letting brands target audiences, and it has a new kind of Promoted Pin—one that's animated.

Infographic: a Look at Video Ad Views and Completion Rates for the First Quarter

As consumers continue to turn to smartphones to handle more aspects of their lives and keep them entertained, video ads have established themselves as a part of the experience, and more viewers are watching until the end.

As Ad Blocker Usage Explodes, Can YouTube Win Back Scofflaws With a Subscription Model?

It's not a mystery why YouTube is considering offering an ad-free version of its site to paying subscribers. Thanks to ad blocking software, there already are millions of potential viewers who pay nothing for an ad-free experience, and it makes sense to test whether these digital freeloaders would be willing to pay if they had a subscription-based option.

Google Rolls Out New Tools to Drive Mobile App Installs

App-install ads continue to be a lucrative business for Facebook and Twitter, and now Google wants a bigger piece of the market. Today Google is rolling out two new tools aimed at making it easier for marketers to plug mobile apps.

Car Brands Are Starting to Get the Marketing Data They’ve Always Wanted

The car industry isn't slowing down when it comes to employing more data for everything from vehicle malfunctions to marketing.

This Infographic Shows How Worried Digital Advertisers Are About Viewability

A great debate in digital advertising is brewing around the issue of viewability that will only heat up after the calendar flips to 2015.