Ad of the Day: Cisco Gives a 360 Tour of the Mind-Bending Space Hotel of the Future

There's a Chris Van Dusen book that my kids love called I Built a House, in which a boy sketches his wild and futuristic dream home, which includes an underwater room, a car-racing room, a zero-gravity room and a room with jets that detaches and flies around the neighborhood.

Lockheed Martin Rigged a School Bus With ‘Group VR’ to Take Kids on a Tour of Mars

A group of kids in Washington, D.C., thought they were taking an ordinary school-bus ride to the USA Science and Engineering Festival recently. But much to their surprise, they suddenly took a detour—to Mars.  This was thanks to Lockheed Martin, which created, with help from McCann and Framestore, the Lockheed Martin Mars Experience Bus, in which the windows of a bus were turned into screens and a "group VR" experience made the pint-size riders feel like they were traveling around the surface of the Red Planet.

These Incredible Space Scenes Weren’t Painted. They Were Made By Putting Food on a Flat-Bed Scanner

A nebula made from soy sauce, coffee, flour and salt. A galaxy formed from curry powder, cinnamon and poppy seeds.  Welcome to the intergalactic and largely edible inventions of Seattle-based engineer-turned-photographer Navid Baraty. An inventive and multi-talented creative (you can buy his planet-themed cross stitch patterns on Etsy), Baraty posted a new gallery this week of swirling, astronomical images created by putting food items on an Epson scanner.  The image above is described as an Earth-like planet made from the bottom of a glass filled with bourbon, coconut milk, water, soy sauce and food coloring. The stars were created with salt, flour, cinnamon and curry powder.  "I've always been a huge space geek," Baraty explained on his popular Reddit post about the project. "I'd also seen other scanography where people scan objects with the lid open to create an all black background and wondered if I might be able to use the same method to make space scenes out of spices for stars/galaxies, liquids for planets, etc. I was pretty surprised at how realistic it all can look." OK, it's not all strictly edible. One of the images, "Two-Cat Nebula," was made from Sriracha, chili powder, cinnamon, baking powder, salt—and the fur of two cats. Check out some of his creations below (with Baraty's description of the components), and visit his full gallery on Imgur and his photography site.  You can also follow his project on Instagram.  

Lowe’s Is Opening a Hardware Store in Space (Kind Of)

Lowe's is taking 3-D printing to new heights. The home improvement chain has partnered with manufacturing company Made in Space to equip the International Space Station with a 3-D printer.

Mcgarrybowen Creates a Mobile Game That Can Defend the Earth Against Real Asteroids

CANNES, France—It's just advertising. It's not like we're trying to save the world.

Agency Will Send Copywriter to Space If Enough People Like Its Facebook Page

Up, up and away? FCB Paris plans to send one of its creatives into space. The agency will use almost 37,000 balloons to hoist intrepid advernaut Baptiste Szuwarski toward heaven. The 25-year-old copywriter is the lightest member of the creative staff at 114 pounds, probably 113 if he shaves—and his weight, we're told, makes him the perfect choice for this publicity stunt.

Meet the Most Interesting Space CEO You’re Not Following on Twitter

Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance

XKCD Live-Sketched the Comet Landing Every Few Minutes for 12 Incredible Hours

If you missed the excitement and tension of Wednesday's Philae lander completing its 10-year journey to a comet's surface, here's a pretty fantastic way to relive it. Web cartoonist Randall Munroe, creator of the massively popular xkcd, live-cartooned the Philae module's separation from the Rosetta spacecraft and its gradual, often nerve-wracking descent to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Despite the marketing and media world's obsession with producing real-time content, Munroe truly created something light years beyond what most big-budget brands or news outlets would attempt (or even imagine in the first place).

Walter White Boldly Goes Where No Meth Dealer’s Gone Before

When you have zero coding skills, how do you keep busy at your company's hackathon? For the non-engineers at i.TV, the answer was to send a meth dealer into space.

Google Thanks Every Teacher on Earth for Helping Kids Discover the Worlds Beyond

Google thanks "every teacher on Earth" for inspiring students to reach for the stars in this clip that uses space exploration and astronomy as its central theme.