Walter White Boldly Goes Where No Meth Dealer’s Gone Before

Social app tvtag let users pick which bobblehead to launch

When you have zero coding skills, how do you keep busy at your company's hackathon? For the non-engineers at i.TV, the answer was to send a meth dealer into space.

"The hackathon leaves those of us without coding skills regretting the fact that we're not technical wizards," marketing director Johnny Galbraith says. "So instead of sitting on our hands, we decided to launch Walter White into space and get it on film." 

The second-screen company owns the social networking tool tvtag (formerly GetGlue), and users were asked to pick which popular character should get launched: Walter White (Breaking Bad), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) or Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones). In the end, White won the chance to be tvtag's first Space Ambassador.

The tvtag team spent a day building the White bobblehead vehicle and then drove out into the Utah desert to launch. The video shows the team launching the vehicle, and a camera records White's glorious flight through the atmosphere and its landing, where the bobblehead sadly becomes decapitated. (Symbolic of the Breaking Bad series, perhaps.)

The reactions on YouTube are, as expected, full of comment gold. They range from a Jesse Pinkman-esque "Science, bitch!" to "Misleading, thought he would be hustling meth to aliens."

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Like us, so many Breaking Bad fans are still bummed that the show is over. So it's been awesome reading through all the 'Yeah, science!' comments. One person was mad that we would endanger the International Space Station with our project, but we're happy to report we dodged that bullet by about 1 million feet in altitude," Galbraith says.

Galbraith recognizes they're certainly not the first to send a bobblehead into space. Earlier this year, snack brand Little Debbie launched a carton of Cosmic Cupcakes and a bobblehead into space.

This is a fun new trend, but I'd like for someone to focus resources on figuring out how to get a pizza to my house while it's still hot. Maybe we could strap some rockets to those fancy Domino's motorcycles?