Ad of the Day: Cisco Gives a 360 Tour of the Mind-Bending Space Hotel of the Future

GS&P enlists group of experts to imagine galactic hospitality

There's a Chris Van Dusen book that my kids love called I Built a House, in which a boy sketches his wild and futuristic dream home, which includes an underwater room, a car-racing room, a zero-gravity room and a room with jets that detaches and flies around the neighborhood.

Cisco, working with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, just did something a bit similar, enlisting an interior designer, a space explorer, an astronautics professor and a travel expert to imagine what a space hotel might look like in a future age of galactic tourism.

The experts used Cisco Spark—a set of team messaging, online meeting and whiteboarding tools—to brainstorm during the project. Then GS&P made a short film about it, as well as an immersive 360 video tour of the hotel, including the lobby, bedrooms, dining area, observation deck and zero-G swimming pool. 

Check out the 360 experience here:

And the short film here:

"Late last year, both President Obama and Elon Musk announced plans for a trip to Mars, so this idea doesn't seem that far fetched," says Will Elliott, associate partner and creative director at GS&P. "Our new campaign shows how Cisco Spark helps teams turn big ideas, such as the galaxy's first space hotel, into reality."

"What's really interesting is today's technology is enabling the move from fiction to fact," adds David Barnhart, a professor of astronautics and one of the Space Hotel collaborators. "We are all wanderers and explorers, and now it's time for us to look outside to space."

The other collaborators were Nicole Hollis, an interior designer; Anousheh Ansari, the first female private space explorer; and Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy.

Though clearly a bit outlandish as way of selling collaboration software, the Space Hotel is undeniably cool. The food ceiling, in particular, is a step up from your usual continental breakfast. And the observation deck is pretty awe-inspiring, too (particularly given the apparent lack of other guests to crowd your space).

The work continues Cisco's "There's Never Been a Better Time" campaign, introduced last May. "The platform's perpetual optimism fuels Cisco's drive to make formerly outlandish ideas, like a space hotel, reality," the brand says.


Client: Cisco

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Co-Chairman: Rich Silverstein

Chief Creative Officer Margaret Johnson

Creative Director: Will Elliott

Creative Director: Patrick Knowlton

Art Director: Maggie Bradshaw

Copywriter: Jonathan Pelleg

Associate Design Director: Angie Elko

Art Director: Aaron Dietz

Copywriter: Mandy Dietz

Executive Producer: Hilary Coate

Sr. Producer: John Riddle

Account Director: Tanin Blumberg

Account Manager: Chris Nilsen

Account Manager: Sam Thayer

Brand Strategy Director: Mike Ronkoske

Brand Strategist: Nora Alibhai

Business Affairs Manager: Anna Diokno

Project Integration Director: Mallory Frye

Production & Post: Gentleman Scholar

Director: William Campbell

Director: Will Johnson

Director of Photography: Tom Banks

Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris

Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek

Sr. Producer: Jake Hibler, Kirsten Noll

Music/Sound Design: Yessian

CCO: Brian Yessian

Head of Production: Michael Yessian

Executive Creative Director: Andy Grush

Executive Producer: David Gold

Sr. Producer: Katie Overcash

Composer: Marc Jacobs, Daniel Johnson

Sound Design: Jeff Dittenber, Benjamin Lantz

Audio Mixing: Lime Studios, Rohan Young

—Ad: "Cisco Spark: 360 Space Hotel Tour"

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Co-Chairman: Rich Silverstein

Chief Creative Officer Margaret Johnson