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When you're a smartphone startup competing in a world dominated by Apple and Samsung, how do you stand out? You go out of this world.

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When the Chinese economy stumbled in recent weeks—its stock market shuddered and sputtered and the Yuan currency plummeted in value in August—the entire global marketplace held its breath for a brief time.

Qualcomm Tries to Humanize Smart Technology With First Branding Campaign

It's easy to imagine technology's ever-expanding presence in our lives leading to a bleak, dystopian future, like something out of George Orwell's 1984. Technology giant Qualcomm's new brand campaign is a bit more optimistic, envisioning a future where technology enhances humanity, making our lives just that much simpler. 

How Sony’s Walkman Changed the World

Andreas Pavel was getting tired of being laughed at. It was 1977, and the German-born inventor had made appointments at all of the major electronics companies—Yamaha, Grundig, ITT, etc.—and each had sent him packing.

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Earlier this winter I joined several hundred investors at Helsinki's annual Slush event, which started in 2008 as a cozy gathering of Nordic entrepreneurs and has since grown into a leading conference of its kind in Europe, drawing 14,000 participants and, this year, a keynote from Chinese vice premier Wang Yang.

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Moto Makes You Master of Your Own Whimsical Phone Lab in This Handcrafted Spot

Droga5 likes building elaborate, full-scale sets for its Motorola spots rather than relying on computer effects and camera tricks. This approach seems especially apt in "The Maker," a minute-long clip touting a site that lets users customize their Moto X smartphones. Moto Maker is a site that lets users trick out their handsets in various colors and designs. Options include metal accents, wood tones (like teak and bamboo), laser-etched signatures and, for a limited time, football leather. (Motorola asks that "you resist the urge to spike your phone," which is probably always good advice.) The spot shows the same guy in two rooms separated by a wall: on one side, he's clicking away on a computer to detail his Moto X. On the other, he's running around a fanciful laboratory, where he employs robotic arms, chemicals and laser beams to tailor his phone. Director Vesa Manninen of Reset Content injects the proceedings with whimsical charm—and the impressive visuals are on par with previous entries in Motorola's "Choose Choice" campaign. The overarching strategy of "The Maker" is itself a smart choice, since the term has taken on heightened significance with the emerging Maker Movement. Letting users make creative decisions to suit their interests and personalities, even on a limited basis, is a decidedly cool selling point that Apple can't claim. The dude in the commercial was wise to scuttle his "Panda King" imprint in favor of the more practical "Ben's Phone." Going with the bamboo finish, however, is so 2013.

Apple Appears to Be Moving Into the Mobile Wallet Market

Speculation that Apple will debut a digital wallet on the upcoming iPhone 6 reached a crescendo over Labor Day weekend. Numerous publications detailed patent searches and tips from people "familiar with the situation" to support conclusions that the tech giant would be pushing into e-payment territory.