There’s a High Bar for Trump’s Inauguration to Beat Previous TV Ratings

Ratings are the currency of TV, and President-elect Donald Trump knows it.

84 Lumber Explores Other Options After Fox Rejects Its ‘Political’ Super Bowl Ad

Pennsylvania-based 84 Lumber surprised quite a few observers this month when it announced plans to spend several million dollars on a 90-second ad set to air before halftime of Super Bowl LI.

Why 2 Agency Creatives Launched ‘Not This White Woman,’ an Anti-Trump Clothing Line

If you were disappointed with how certain demographics voted in the 2016 presidential election, you're not alone.

Colonialism Is a Massive Beach Party in Australia’s Latest Epic, Provocative Ad for Lamb

In its ongoing quest to remind us that nothing says Australia Day more than lamb barbecue, Meat & Livestock Australia gives us "Celebrate Australia with a Lamb BBQ."  That title is probably the least interesting thing about this ad, which doesn't even warm up the grill before accosting us with talking points: It opens on a beach, where two indigenous dudes "fire up the barbie" in preparation for the festivities to come.  And who shows up? Colonialism! Literally. One after the other, ships dock bearing Dutchmen, Englishmen, Germans, the French, the Chinese (carting fireworks) and Serbians. 

4 Survival Trends People Will Turn to in 2017 That Marketers Need to Understand

Marketers and consumers alike are reeling from a year of deep division and chaos. "WTF just happened?" is the first question we're asking ourselves followed by, "Where do we go from here?"

These Provocative Ads for World AIDS Day Reveal a Little-Known Fact About HIV-Positive Partners

We'd all like to be seen as more than a condition or label. There's little worse than one that defines your life. It is little known that HIV-positive people following treatment can arrive at a point where they may no longer transmit the virus, even with unprotected sex. But the stigma of HIV remains, which makes it hard for carriers to court intimacy.  "It is our responsibility to reveal this information to the most people possible," says Aurélien Beaucamp, president of French advocacy group AIDES. "What weighs most on the quality of life of HIV-positive people today is not the virus. It's the daily discriminations they have to suffer."  Some 86 percent of HIV-positive people who've been tested in France, and are currently being treated, have an undetectable viral load, making it unlikely they will pass the virus on, according to AIDES. But intimate rejection remains a critical part of their lives. Per an "HIV, Hepatitis and You" inquiry carried out in March, 49.1 percent of declared discriminations happen in a sexual context. For World AIDS Day on Thursday, AIDES and TBWA\Paris released "Revelation," a series of racy—but also curiously serene—print ads that convey everything else an HIV-positive person has to share with a partner. 

This Brooklyn Agency Is Selling Simple Blue Rings as a Way to Fight Trump

As people around the U.S.—and the world—struggle to process the result of last Tuesday's presidential election, many are wondering what they can do to combat the negative impact that Donald Trump's rise to power is expected to have on a wide range of issues, including civil rights, women's rights and climate change. The founders of Brooklyn product design company Breakfast, for their part, have chosen to do what they do best—design a product.

Ben & Jerry’s Has an Achingly Sweet Message for Those Discouraged by the Election

Many are looking for some sweetness today. Ben & Jerry's is pretty good at that.  Following the surprising—and for many, worrying—results of the U.S. presidential election, have a look at the brand's "One Sweet World," a soft-serve story (from agency Nice and Serious) about a troubled town called Coneville. In Coneville, angry lemons have gathered to support a divisive member of their kind. His leafy toupée is swept, not so artfully, to the side. (Subtle.) Things take a turn for the worse when a single cherry, clutching a sign that reads "We taste sweeter together," attracts notice in the hostile crowd. 

Advertising Leaders Predict a ‘Period of Uncertainty’ Following Trump’s Surprise Win

Donald Trump's surprise win in the U.S. presidential election has dominated headlines around the world today, and the advertising industry is no exception.

Hillary Clinton and Her Team Did the Mannequin Challenge as a Fun, Final Reminder to Vote

The Mannequin Challenge is simple: Get a bunch of people together, have them stand completely motionless in ridiculous fashion, take a video of the whole thing, and share it on social media. As one last plea to get Americans to vote, Hillary Clinton posted a video early Tuesday of her team performing the challenge on her airplane. The video makes its way through the cabin of the plane, passing aides carrying pizza boxes, media members seeking a quote and a smiling Bill Clinton. It ends with Hillary grinning at a guitar-playing Jon Bon Jovi.