Giant Ben Franklin and Giant Cheesesteak Battle in Inexplicably Weird Philly Tourism Ad

The City of Brotherly Love looks hip, inviting and postcard-perfect in a scenic new tourism ad ... that is, until a skyscraper-size Benjamin Franklin starts pounding the pavement to do Godzilla-style battle with an equally ginormous Philly cheesesteak. 

Philly Police Channel Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ for Their Latest Bizarre PSA

Philadelphia police are quickly becoming the authorities on oddly compelling viral PSAs. First, they generated national attention with a bizarre revival of a Saved by the Bell drug PSA from 1991. Now, the department is getting traction for a snow-related request to report people who are blocking parking spots with "cones, lawn chairs, trash cans, uh, toilets, and any other household item." 

Philadelphia 76ers Revive Brand by Tapping Into Revolutionary, Underdog Roots

The Philadelphia 76ers pride themselves on representing a city with a rich, unconventional history, but in recent years, the team hasn't held up its end of the bargain (three straight losing seasons and a dismal 18-64 record last year).

Philly Police Lifted an Anti-Drug PSA From Saved by the Bell and Made it Downright Mind-Altering

At a time when young people have a conflicted relationship with police, it's good to know there's one reliable voice of unity: Zack Morris, circa 1991. The Philadelphia Police Department, which is no stranger to odd, retro memes and callbacks, has resurrected an anti-drugs PSA from the George H.W. Bush years. The clip replaces NBC exec Brandon Tartikoff with the poorly Photoshopped head of Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who also dubs in his own somber name drop. 

This Branding Agency Helps Clients Diverse as WWE, Fathead and Lord & Taylor

Specs Who (Clockwise, from top) Bill Gullan, president; John Ferreira, vp of brand strategy; Daniel Erlbaum, CEO; Jordan Goldenberg, creative director What Brand design and strategy firm Where Philadelphia office

Veteran Philly Advertising Leader Dies

Al Paul Lefton Jr., the former president and CEO of the Al Paul Lefton Co. advertising agency in Philadelphia, died Tuesday at the age of 84.

Laying It on Thick

Most dairy brands engaged in the day-to-day battle for survival in the refrigerated section only wish they had the problems that Philadelphia Cream Cheese has. After all, the soft white brick of cheese named after the City of Brotherly Love has prospered for nearly 90 years now.

Philly wraps recycling trucks for Earth Day

Sometimes, art is where you find it. At Philadelphia's Earth Day parade today, locals need look no further than 10 recycling trucks newly wrapped with colorful floral, aquatic, avian and […]

Philly wants a little bit of what Virginia’s got

As Gov. Tim Kaine reminded us the other day, Virginia is for lovers. But southeastern Pennsylvania has its amorous side, too. The Web video above—part of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing […]

Philly putting its downtown area up in lights

Philadelphia is now the "Electri-City," having achieved this dubious distinction by turning on permanent, multicolored architectural lights on 12 historic downtown buildings in the streets around City Hall. It's part […]