8 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

The past week in digital marketing stats was a bit of a mixed bag—but in a good way. Check out the eight data points below that caught our eye:

How NPR Increased Podcasting Ad Sales by 10 Times in 2 Years

NPR has the equivalent of a podcast testing lab that's now starting to reap huge financial dividends.

4 Things You Should Know About Podcast Advertising, According to the Pros

When do you listen to podcasts? Probably in your car or on a train, during some kind of commute. Maybe you listen while you do chores around the house, adding some conversation to your dusting routine. With hundreds of thousands of options at your fingertips, how can an advertiser grab anyone's attention?

Hyatt Celebrates All the Business Travelers Who Never Settle in New Integrated Campaign

Busy business travelers today don't expect much from the select service hotels they stay at. As a company that's in the business of business hotels, Hyatt created a campaign targeted at this group that aims to show why Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels make great business travel accommodations.

With Second ‘Podcast Upfront,’ IAB Hopes Brands Will Buy Into Audio Advertising

Buoyed by the success of popular podcasts like Serial and This American Life, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is hosting its s

NPR Expects to ‘More Than Double’ Its Podcast Revenue This Year

Thanks to monster hits like Serial and This American Life, podcasting has had a bit of a renaissance in the past year, and it's also fueling National Public Radio's digital revenue.

Why These New Podcast Measurement Tools Are Music to Advertisers’ Ears

It's not just the TV industry that's having fits trying to find the best way to measure its disparate audience. With the resurgence of podcasts, audio content creators are turning up the volume on sound measurement, too.

Crime Documentaries Like ‘Making a Murderer’ Are Picking Up Where Newspapers Left Off

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently bragged in a letter to shareholders about two things: his booming business, which hit 75 million subscribers in 2015, and his very hot content.

Q&A: Ira Glass Comes to Cannes in Search of Brands That Appreciate Great Storytelling

CANNES, France—After the unprecedented success of investigative podcast Serial, one might think potential sponsors would be lining up in droves to get involved with the show. Wants to Be the First Truly Social News Service

The problem with the way journalists deliver news in social media, according to Andy Carvin, is that they're not actually delivering the news.