W+K Amsterdam Is Helping Médecins Sans Frontières Raise More Money From Young People

Millennials want to feel like they're making a difference in the world, donating to worthy causes or buying responsibly made products. But it never hurts to give them something in return for their money and time.

How Iconic Charities Like Red Cross and United Way Are Trying to Win Over Millennial Donors

Some of the country's most iconic nonprofits have struggled to raise money in the past few years while a new breed of philanthropic organization is thriving thanks in large part to its appeal to millennial donors.

360i Launches New Program to Equip All Nonprofits With Digital and Social Media Skills

Late last year, as 360i employees prepared to take time off to celebrate the holidays and spend time with their families, the giving spirit kicked in at the company.

How This Watchmaker Is Turning Rock Icons’ Clothes Into Classic Timepieces

Wouldn't it be cool to put on an old leather jacket that's been worn, torn and sweat-baptized by your favorite rock 'n' roll god? Well, assuming you can afford it, you'll soon have your chance—or at least your wrist will.

Christy Turlington Is on an Ambitious Quest to Save the World, One Mother at a Time

As they often are, the statistics that sparked the action to address them are as heartbreaking as they are frightening: Of the 289,000 women who die every year as a result of childbirth—that's one woman every two minutes—98 percent could have been saved by basic access to transportation, supplies and education.Enter Every Mother Counts.

Will Facebook’s New ‘Donate Now’ Buttons Be a Boon for Nonprofits?

Facebook is about to get a whole lot more useful for nonprofits.Today, the social giant launched a "Donate Now" button organizations can plug directly into their Pages and ads to aid fundraising efforts.

This Young, Video-Centric Agency Is Making a Web Series With Reddit and Wired

Specs Who Partners Matt McLaughlin (l.) and Andrew Simkiss What Creative content studio Where New York

Airbnb for Gingerbread Houses? Fully Baked Parody Is a Sweet Fundraiser for Homeless

Well, this is adorable. For its pro-bono holiday project, agency McKinney created, a site that mimics Airbnb but lets you book virtual stays at confectionary cabins instead.

Smokey Bear’s 70th Birthday Is Cause for Celebration—on Instagram

The U.S. Forest Service is about to become one of the first federal organizations to run Instagram ads in the mobile-social app with a splash tomorrow to celebrate the 70th birthday of Smokey Bear.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

As the tulips pop and the winter garb is tucked away in the backs of closets, some of the brands that gave us our biggest ad hits of the week looked forward to the summer days ahead. Others touched on important topics in ways that surprised and inspired. And they spanned the globe, from the U.S. to the U.K. to Brazil, sometimes in the same ad.