Marketers Don’t Understand Modern Moms, Saatchi Survey Says

Memo to marketers: When it comes to moms, get real. Stop focusing on motherhood as a job, and start talking to moms like the multifaceted, multidimensional human beings they are.

How Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter Thinks Local by Going Global

The average pregnancy in France lasts 41 weeks; the global average is 40 weeks. It's a small difference, but enough of a nuance for online parenting site BabyCenter to spin […]

‘Hurry Down the Chimney’ Gets a Whole New Meaning With Kmart’s Pregnant Dance Squad

Last holiday season, Kmart clearly had a ball (or two) with its advertising. This year, it's all about bellies.In a nice upgrade from the retailer's spot featuring guys playing their beer guts like kettle drums, we now have a dance squad made up of belly-proud moms-to-be. It's the latest in agency FCB's #ShowYourJoe campaign for Joe Boxer, and this time we find five ladies rockin' some comfy pajamas and shakin' it for two to the tune of holiday classic "Santa Baby." Directed by Wondros’ Christian Weber, it's a surprisingly perfect juxtaposition of female empowerment and one of Christmas' sexier songs. The track is faster than the famously slinky Eartha Kitt version, which keeps the spot from going to truly weird places.

Moms Explore the Guilt, Fear and Joys of Parenting in Ads for Jessica Alba’s Honest Co.

"What do 30 moms who have never met have in common? Everything."Eco-friendly family product brand Honest Company brought together 30 moms for some open conversation about motherhood. The group was comprised of diverse (in race and sexuality, but maybe less so in age) moms who were—until that day—strangers. The topics for their discussion included balance, guilt, expectations, breastfeeding, partners, single motherhood and more.Co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, Honest is a direct-to-consumer company that creates everything from lotions and shampoos to diapers and bathroom spray. Alba was inspired to create the company after having allergic reactions to popular household products during her first pregnancy, and she has since parlayed her dream of a natural product line into a billion-dollar enterprise. Created with content studio Influence, Honest Company's videos attempt to spark more discussion among moms online by using the hashtag #YouGotThis, which might not have been the most strategically focused decision. #YouGotThis has grown to be a bit of a tired expression and is also frequently used in fitness circles. A cursory search on Twitter finds #yougotthis tagged onto well wishes to test takers and the Dallas Cowboys and marathon runners, which might dilute Honest's messaging impact a bit.But I applaud the desire to showcase some moms and honest conversation, especially in light of the fact that nonproduct-centric films like these, largely pioneered by Dove and Pantene, are also quite effective in increasing sales.Honest's moms have camaraderie that's sweet and inspirational without being cloying."I grew up with this idea that I was going to be a perfect mom," notes one. "Now that I am a mom, I realize there is no such thing as a perfect mom.""The truth is, most of us are REALLY good moms."

LG Asked for ‘Mom Confessions,’ and Moms Delivered

LG launched its #MomConfessions campaign earlier this year with a series of cynically amusing TV spots, and since then, real moms have started to get in on the confessional action.While the appliance brand and agency Hill Holliday seeded the campaign with their own Tumblr posts ("I go running to relieve stress. Just kidding, I drink margaritas."), there are plenty made from the keyboards of your next door neighbor or PTA president and submitted to of them are funny, some are actually from dads, and some are quite brilliant ("My child thinks the ice cream truck is a music truck. We dance as it goes by."). Of course, some left me making a face like I just had a bite of day old yogurt, know what I mean?Here are a few of the better ones, slowly transitioning to the rather sad:

Bad Idea: Baby Brand Hands Out Candy in Realistic Pill Bottles at BlogHer

Coming up with promotional freebies that will stand out in the sea of swag at BlogHer is always a challenge. But one brand may have taken its creativity a bit too far this year.

Ad of the Day: Mom’s Inner Voice Is Funny, Dark and Full of Regrets in LG Campaign

Emotional isolation. A loveless marriage. The gnawing regrets of adulthood. Welcome to the surprisingly dark and awkwardly humorous "Mom Confessions" ad campaign for LG appliances.

Burger King’s Subservient Chicken Is Back On The Viral Charts

In honor of his 10th anniversary, Burger King has resurrected Subservient Chicken by explaining what hap

Here Are the 10 Brands Moms Like Most Right Now

Dove’s acclaimed Real Beauty campaign seems to be paying off the for brand, as the company had the most positive perception among moms last month, according to a new study […]

Ad of the Day: P&G

Procter & Gamble is back to celebrating moms, in time for their big day.