Alaska Airlines Celebrates Merger With Virgin America by Showcasing Unexpected, Brilliant Pairings

In any great story, or with any great meal, opposites tend to attract. Salty and sweet, comedy and romance, chocolate and bacon, itsy-bitsy wiener dogs and massive lions. And now Alaska Airlines and Virgin America.

3 Things Kiss Taught Me About Marketing

When I was a kid, I straight-up loved Kiss. I was drawn to the makeup-wearing, leather-clad, blood-spitting, loud-playing band like a full-on groupie, buying every album and putting on face paint and singing my goddamn lungs out.

Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign ‘More Relevant Than Ever’ at Dawn of Trump Presidency

"It's On Us," a White House campaign with agency Mekanism started in 2014 to combat sexual assault on college campuses, is launching a new PSA today at a time when its message seems more important than ever, according to Mekanism's CEO, right after the

Struggling Through a Workout? A Singing Clay Matthews Will Carry You to the Finish

Having trouble getting through a tough workout this week? A singing Clay Matthews and Muscle Milk can help you reach the finish line.

SNL’s Jay Pharoah Surprised Arby’s Patrons by Showing Up in an Interactive Soda Fountain

Customers at Arby's new Times Square location recently got a big surprise when they went to refill their sodas: an impromptu performance from Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah.

Alaska Airlines Lands at Mekanism After Nearly 20 Years With Wongdoody

Nearly two decades after its last creative review, Alaska Airlines has chosen Mekanism as its new creative agency of record.

Can Digital Shops Survive the Branded Content Boom?

With the BuzzFeed effect in full swing as more and more online publishers mimic the popular viral news site by creating sponsored content for brands, digital agencies find themselves forced to adapt.

A Dream Home Is One Where You Can Get as Freaky as You Want, Says New Trulia Campaign

When it comes to purchasing a home, you want it to be somewhere you'll feel comfortable to be yourself. For its new digital campaign, Trulia takes that to the extreme, showcasing people at home doing the strange stuff people only do when they're home alone.Trulia tapped Mekanism in San Francisco for three 30-second digital spots, released today, slated to run into the fall."You're a different person than you are in public," said Michael Grant, creative lead for Mekanism. "Once we started diving into those stories, we realized they were pretty weird and fun and that everybody has one. That's why we wanted to run and tell these stories. There is some absolute truth in all of the spots." 

Mekanism Scoops Up a Social Shop to Bring Influence Marketing in House

A slew of influencer networks have popped up over the past few years that pair social-media stars with brands. But with more brands looking to smaller, niche agencies to run ad campaigns, shops like Mekanism are acquiring the networks and bringing the work in house.

In Ads for Jack Link’s, YouTube Stars Will Prank the Sasquatch

To put a fresh spin on its "Messin' With Sasquatch" campaign, meat-snack purveyor Jack Link's has tapped YouTube influencers The Dudesons, Kevin Brueck and PrankvsPrank to produce sp