In Ads for Jack Link’s, YouTube Stars Will Prank the Sasquatch

'Messin' With' campaign enters 9th year

To put a fresh spin on its "Messin' With Sasquatch" campaign, meat-snack purveyor Jack Link's has tapped YouTube influencers The Dudesons, Kevin Brueck and PrankvsPrank to produce sponsored content for the brand.

The new campaign, called "Messin' with Sasquatch," features various consumers pranking the legendary creature. In one spot, two wedding guests find out the Sasquatch is allergic to flowers and use that knowledge to their advantage.

The YouTube stars have also planned three additional pranks—all following the "Messin' with Sasquatch" campaign ethos—to be released on their own social channels as well as on Jack Link's. 

"We've noticed that a lot of our brand fans have embraced pranking Sasquatch," said Kevin Papacek, director of marketing at Jack Link's. "Some have even re-enacted some of our pranks on YouTube. We see this new campaign as a natural progression of how fans personalize our ad campaign." 

The campaign has been running since 2006. The new spots will run through the end of 2015 and will also feature different products including turkey jerky and teriyaki-flavored jerky. 

Jack Link's agencies Carmichael Lynch, Mekanism and space150 worked together on the campaign. 

Check out the new spots below: