Local ads

Facebook’s New Tools Let Merchants Tailor Ads for Nearby Consumers

While Facebook yesterday revealed that its advertising sales increased 45 percent year over year to $4.3 billion in the third quarter, it would still like to gain a bigger share of local business marketing budgets. 

These New Facebook Ads Come With a Call Button to Ring Up Businesses

Facebook has built a "call" button people can tap to call businesses directly from an ad. More than 40 million businesses have Facebook pages, and now they can add the instant call button in marketing campaigns.

Yelp, YP Partner in Local Advertising Deal

The company formerly known as the Yellow Pages, YP, has announced a new partnership with Yelp. YP, with its vast business reach across the U.S. and a significant mobile product, will now connect its clients with Yelp.

Local Instagram Photos Spike Coffee Chain’s Facebook Ad Performance

MomentFeed is debuting a service that lets retail marketers systematically repurpose Instagram photos as creative for locally targeted Facebook ads.

Golf Shop Owner Creates the Year’s Most Oddly Hypnotic Ad on His Phone

The single most amazing thing about this insane ad? It's actually running on TV.

Facebook’s Free WiFi Play May Improve Its Local Ads Data, Business Pages

Facebook and Cisco are rolling out a free WiFi system for businesses.

Dollar Shave Club Turns to Local Radio for Father’s Day

Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin is bringing his funnyman act—which spawned one of the more viral Web videos of recent lore (the clip included a shaving toddler, a bear and a machete)—to radio this month with four Father’s Day ads that he wrote and recorded for his mail orde