Dollar Shave Club Turns to Local Radio for Father’s Day

'The guy I am pretty sure is my dad'

Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin is bringing his funnyman act—which spawned one of the more viral Web videos of recent lore (the clip included a shaving toddler, a bear and a machete)—to radio this month with four Father’s Day ads that he wrote and recorded for his mail order razor company. The spots sync with a digital effort that entails Facebook ads, a new social gifting engine and ”Dadisms” e-cards.

While Dubin has famously promoted his one-year-old brand with slapstick videos, he said local radio has played a huge role in growing his customer base to 200,000. This year, online orders increased six- to eightfold in Buffalo, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. “Four weeks on, three weeks off has been great for us in terms of radio,” said Dubin.

The 34-year-old took comedy training at the Upright Citizens Brigade before becoming an entrepreneur-pitchman (he said the improv troupe remains “an enormous influence”). The :30 Father’s Day radio spots feature the founder facetiously conversing with “Dad”—played by a voiceover artist, not his real father—while promoting Dollar Shave gift cards. The digital messaging blends with that humorous tone, as one e-card example reads: “Happy Father’s Day to the guy I am pretty sure is my dad.” Though the ads are lighthearted, the comic-turned-CEO doesn’t just joke around during the radio spots, plugging his Web address no less than four times.

“At my core, I am a creative writer, and I am passionate about business,” Dubin said. Indeed, since taking a $13 billion shaving industry by storm, he’s clearly not kidding around.


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