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Instagram’s New Feature Hints at Its Video Marketing Potential for Brands

Instagram today unveiled a new feature that recommends videos in its Explore section based on a user's interests.

Instagram Will Start Displaying Video Views in a Push for More Ads

Today, Instagram announced that it will start counting views on videos, which should give marketers a better idea of how many people watch their clips.

This Is How Macy’s Will Target Its Facebook and Instagram Ads for the Holidays

In terms of marketing, the holidays are equivalent to the Super Bowl for Macy's. And with more advertising and shopping going digital, the department store has a slew of sophisticated tools up its sleeve this year, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

This Ad Campaign Starts With Cool Cinemagraphs on Instagram, Then Follows Up on Facebook

Jameson Serves a 3-D Whiskey Shot in Its New Instagram Ad

Jameson says it has created the first 3-D video ad for Facebook and Instagram, using a technique that makes it appear as if a bartender is sliding a whiskey shot your way.

Report: Brands Are Now Posting More to Instagram Than Facebook

Instagram is luring brands away from Facebook, according to a new report from research firm L2, which found that brands now post more content on the photo-sharing app.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Still Hip With Instagram Audiences

If you approached random millennials in the U.S. and mentioned the line, "in West Philadelphia born and raised," there's a high probability they'd not only the finish the phrase—"on a playground I spent most of my days"—but also recite the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme from memory. 

Instagram Unveils New Features for Advertisers, From Carousel-Style Photos to Web Links

Instagram ads are getting the carousel treatment along with links, the photo-sharing app announced today. These crucial new ad features signal a maturing Instagram, which has been slowly increasing its marketing sophistication.

March Madness Marketers Should Study the NBA for a Winning Instagram Strategy

If brands that are investing in March Madness—we're looking at you, Capital One, Coke and AT&T—want to effectively extend their campaigns to social video, they should watch basketball's big boys for guidance and inspiration.

Big Brands’ Dedication to Instagram Video Pays Off With Follower Lifts

The following marketers regularly make our weekly Adweek/Shareablee chart for the best branded Instagram videos: Starbucks,