HP Calls on All of Its Agencies to Improve Leadership Diversity Within a Year

HP chief marketing and communications officer Antonio Lucio has called on all of its agencies to put forward a proposal outlining how each agency will improve on the number of women and people of color within their creative departments.

Corporate Culture Has Become the Most Powerful Force in Forging Partnerships

Companies are no longer judged on what they say, but rather on what they do. That is why whatever goods or services you are selling, business will always be better and more sustained when people buy into your culture first.

Flying Notebooks Chase Students Around in This Drone-Packed Ad for a Scanning App

What's an appropriate visual metaphor for an app that lets you scan handwritten notes to your smartphone? If you're U.K. stationery brand Oxford, it's a drone that follows you everywhere, lugging your paper notebooks.

60% of Execs Would Rather Work With Firms That Care About Culture

Culture not only helps draw the best talent to your company, but as a new study from the Fortune Knowledge Group and ad agency Gyro found, it also helps other companies—say, potential clients being pitched by agencies—decide whether or not they want to work with you.

Accounts in Review: SunTrust Hires a New Lead Shop

Don't despair, creative agencies, there are pitches for you, too. Not every account review right now revolves around media. As a public service—and a needed respite from Mediapalooza 2015—Adweek below […]

Lincoln Financial Eyes 3 Finalists for Its Creative Account

Lincoln Financial Group is in the late stages of a creative search. The company, which last year spent about $25 million in media, is weighing three finalists for its creative account, according to sources. The sources identified the shops as Grey, FCB and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners.

Taking a Selfie Can Now Protect the California Coast, Thanks to This Ad Campaign

Selfies, by definition, aren't selfless. But now, in California, you can do some good for the environment, not just for yourself, by snapping a pic along the coastline.

Your Company’s Value Hinges More on Emotion Than Data

Every business decision has a twin called justification. Justification’s role in business life is to make the decision look smart and protect it from criticism. That’s why justification loves data.

62% of Execs Rely on Gut Instincts When Forging Partnerships

Sixty-five percent of executives say that subjective factors such as company culture and corporate values increasingly make a difference when evaluating partnership proposals, according to a study from The Fortune Knowledge Group and ad agency Gyro.

Candid Seat Belt PSAs Show You How to Use a Wheelchair and Change a Colostomy Bag

Here's an unpleasant if novel way to recommend the use of seat belts: Show people detailed instructions on dealing with injuries from not wearing one. Gyro's Dubai office did just that in a new campaign to educate people about the importance of wearing seat belts in the backseat of cars. The campaign, for a charity called Buckle Up in the Back, takes the form of instructional guides—"How to Get Around in a Wheelchair," "How to Change Your Colostomy Bag"—for dealing with injuries you can sustain from not wearing a seat belt. The guides are being tucked in the the seat pockets in the backs of taxis and rental cars in the UAE, where people will probably wish they didn't see them. The tagline is: "If you don't wear a seat belt, you're going to need all the help you can get." "Instead of just telling people they are wrong for not buckling up, we decided to accept that people are ignoring these kinds of public health messages and give advice of how to deal with the day-to-day consequences of life without seat belts," said Gyro Dubai creative group head Neil Harrison. "These guides illustrate a very realistic and unfortunate future that can easily be avoided by buckling up." Guides and credits below.