Ad of the Day: Ikea Touchingly Explores the Moment a Father-Daughter Bond Breaks Down

In Ikea Sweden's latest spot, "A Good Listener," a familiar family drama unfurls. You don't get all the details, but you know the code: A teenage daughter, increasingly agitated for mysterious reasons, returns home every day and locks herself in her room. Her father sits just outside, waiting for the day she's ready to let him in. 

Why Rachel Ray Stepped Out of the Kitchen to Create an Entire Home Goods Collection

Ten hours into one of her 19-hour days, Rachael Ray has just wrapped up a late-afternoon taping of the syndicated cooking show that bears her name. For the last hour, she has calmly presided over a stove top full of simmering pots, assembling a nine-layer chicken burrito while guest chef Ryan Scott made five different dishes from a single recipe for biscuits.

With This Sweet Ad, Ikea Joins Small Group of Brands Willing to Talk About Divorce

As we've mentioned before, very few companies explore the topic of divorce, or its ramifications for families, in their advertising. It's just too depressing, the thinking goes, even if it's also, of course, relatable to so many millions of people worldwide. A few brands have taken the risk—Honey Maid, of course, and also Ford, which rolled out this beautiful and sad short film earlier this year. Now, it's Ikea's turn. Check out the spot here.

Ikea Just Made One of Its Loveliest Ads Yet About the Beauty of Everyday Life

Ikea drives home the notion that little things mean a lot—and ultimately aren't so little—in "Wonderful Life," an evocative 90-second ad from Mother London.

Ad of the Day: Ikea Products Boogie Down in Great Music Video for a Store Opening

Ikea is opening its second store in Malaysia, and the retailer's products physically can't contain their excitement.

Ad of the Day: Ikea Fills a Jungle Kitchen With Monkeys Just to See What Will Happen

This Ikea ad is as much fun as a kitchen full of monkeys. In fact, it is a kitchen full of monkeys. Plus some tropical birds, snakes, a deer and an elephant, too.

This Ikea Pop-Up Store Serves Breakfast in Bed to Lucky Londoners

Last month, Ikea launched an online wedding service. Now, it's one step closer to offering the full honeymoon package, with a stunt that will bring breakfast in bed to guests of a temporary restaurant.

Ikea Uses Poorly Assembled Billboards to Admit Its Furniture Is Hard to Put Together

Everyone else makes fun of how painful it is to assemble Ikea furniture, so why can't Ikea? And the company does in these fun billboards, from German agency thjnk, that are themselves poorly assembled—to advertise the brand's assembly service. Such a simple idea. Thjnk has been doing eye-catching Ikea work for a while, including one of our favorite out-of-home ads of 2014—the RGB billboard that ingeniously turned nine square meters of ad space into 27 square meters. Via Ads of the World.

A $1.5 Million Loss? Furniture Chain Says Football Promotion Was Actually a Big Win

When Ohio State won college football's championship game Monday night, it was obviously good news for fans back home. But it was especially good news for those who took part in a furniture promotion that ended up refunding $1.5 million back to the shoppers.

How JWT Is Turning Campaign Signs Into Furniture After Elections Are Over

Now that the elections are over, just think about all the fun craft projects you can do with irrelevant campaign signs—at least, if you live in Brazil. Civic nonprofit Mobilidade Urbana Sustenável and JWT are out with the Political Furniture project, a campaign in the wake of the country's elections that shows people how to turn post-ballot sandwich boards into DIY home fixtures. The project includes instruction sets for how to build coat racks, stools, towel horses, side tables and coffee tables out of discarded campaign materials. You still have to do a fair amount of work—the key element in the designs seems to be thee two-by-fours found in sandwich boards. The wood will need sawing and sanding and screwing, so don't forget your toolkit.