How JWT Is Turning Campaign Signs Into Furniture After Elections Are Over

Upcycling comes to politics

Now that the elections are over, just think about all the fun craft projects you can do with irrelevant campaign signs—at least, if you live in Brazil.

Civic nonprofit Mobilidade Urbana Sustenável and JWT are out with the Political Furniture project, a campaign in the wake of the country's elections that shows people how to turn post-ballot sandwich boards into DIY home fixtures.

The project includes instruction sets for how to build coat racks, stools, towel horses, side tables and coffee tables out of discarded campaign materials. You still have to do a fair amount of work—the key element in the designs seems to be thee two-by-fours found in sandwich boards. The wood will need sawing and sanding and screwing, so don't forget your toolkit.

Alas, campaign paraphernalia in the U.S. doesn't tend to come with the plywood necessary to spruce up your foyer while you save the plant. If it did, the resulting hat racks would probably prove among the more useful things to come out of recent elections.

More images below. Via Good.