Why Rachel Ray Stepped Out of the Kitchen to Create an Entire Home Goods Collection

No 'name slapping' for this celebrity chef

Ten hours into one of her 19-hour days, Rachael Ray has just wrapped up a late-afternoon taping of the syndicated cooking show that bears her name. For the last hour, she has calmly presided over a stove top full of simmering pots, assembling a nine-layer chicken burrito while guest chef Ryan Scott made five different dishes from a single recipe for biscuits. But now, as the studio audience files out and the lighting guys coil the cables, Ray doesn't want to talk about food. Instead, the topic is furniture, the furniture for sale in stores—and, specifically, what she doesn't like about it. Among the offenses: The stuff is too expensive, uncomfortable, pretentious and, most egregious of all, there's never any place to store wine.