Cole Haan

Here Are the Year’s Most Inventive Marketing, Media and Digital Campaigns, Honored by Project Isaac

Approaching creative challenges with an inventive spirit has never been more important. The worlds of marketing and media are being rapidly reshaped by data and technology, but interactive innovation only […]

Hey Retailers, Pinterest Just Got a Whole Lot More Shoppable

Instagrammers aren't the only social media users who are going to see new shopping options after Pinterest just showed off its Buyable Pins.

What Happens When a Group of OMD Execs Jumps Ship and Moves to the East Village

Specs Who From left: Co-founders Jonathan Haber, Marc Simons, Trevor Guthrie and Alan Cohen What Media and content agency Where East Village, N.Y. and Los Angeles, Calif.

How David Maddocks Is Putting a Spring in Cole Haan’s Step

When Nike plunked down $305 million for a slightly down-at-the-heel Converse in 2003, it tasked David Maddocks with getting the brand back in the running. (He did, helping to increase sales sixfold.) And so two years ago, when the 87-year-old footwear brand Cole Haan needed a refresh, Maddocks wasn't surprised when his phone rang.

Brands Target the Homebound and Blizzard-Bored With Flash Sales

Even though the snowstorm that was supposed to have been the Blizzard of the Century turned out to be little more than an annoyance for many people in the No

For Four Decades, Brands Have Loved Astronaut Jim Lovell

According to recent studies, someone who looks at a piece of advertising these days stands nearly a one-in-five chance of seeing a celebrity. Music, sports and film star brand endorsements are worth over $1 billion a year nowadays, and little wonder why. With their seven- and eight-figure Twitter followings, top celebrities represent enormous influence.

Mic Forgoes Banners for Native Advertising

Millennial-targeted Mic believes that if you want to reach young people, you have to use methods they'll pay attention to. To them, it means skipping banner and other traditional display ads that this demographic tends to ignore. Instead, the New York-based online publisher has opened up native and sponsored advertising opportunities.

FTC Dings Cole Haan for Wandering Sole Promo on Pinterest

Cole Haan's recent Wandering Sole promotional contest with Pinterest got it a slap on the wrist from the Federal Trade Commission.

Brands Are Giving Precious Ad Real Estate to Tumblr

Brands are starting to plug Tumblr into paid ads, just like they did with Facebook a few years ago.

Going Clubbing With Cole Haan

It’s a good thing that Cole Haan footwear comes with Nike’s comfy Air cushioning, because Ivan Wicksteed has been on his toes lately.