Brands Try to Redefine Emojis in Twitter’s Latest Hashtag Game

Brands have hit peak emoji mania. This morning, the hashtag #NewMeaningsforEmojis started trending nationally on Twitter, and brands were quick to weigh in with their takes on the small digital icons.

Vine Just Got Much Better for Marketers

Vine has been updated today to allow users to upload videos onto the platform. The move should entice traditional creatives and digital shops, which, like consumers, had been limited to shooting their six-second spots on the mobile app.

Charmin Proudly Tweets That It Will ‘Take Care of Uranus’

Oh, Charmin. Don't ever change.The toilet paper brand, which previously chickened out and deleted its Thor-related joke about being the original "Asgardian," has apparently come around on potty puns. Charmin's newest tweet to cherish is a loose tie-in to summer sci-fi flick Guardians of the Galaxy."While they're out guarding the galaxy, we'll take care of Uranus," the twitter image notes. My favorite part? It's hashtagged #astronomy. Because if there's one crowd that loves Your Anus jokes, it's astronomers. That wasn't the brand's only space-themed Twitter shenanigans. Check out its mildly uncomfortable repartee with Star Trek legend and social media superstar George Takei below.Hat tip to Marc Graser on Twitter. While they're out guarding the galaxy, we'll take care of Uranus. #astronomy #tweetfromtheseat — Charmin (@Charmin) July 30, 2014

The 5 Things Marketers Are Saying About Vine’s Loop Count

Vine yesterday revealed a "loop count" metric to show marketers and users how often people are watching their six-second videos. Prior to the metric's availability, they had to focus on likes, comments and revines (same as a retweet) to measure the impact of their social clips.

3 Twitter Ad Trends for USA Vs. Germany World Cup Face-Off

Today's USA vs. Germany World Cup match has already garnered a few interesting developments in terms of brands buying Promoted Tweets.

Charmin ‘Rolls Out’ Bold New Native Ad Campaign

Fifty years ago, Charmin bathroom tissues struck gold by launching TV spots in which the prissy grocer Mr. Whipple scolded his customers for squeezing the Charmin, only to be exposed for sneaking a pleasure-filled squeeze himself behind the display case.

See Denny’s Devilish Tweet to Auburn Fans After the BCS Title Game

Raise a giant Cherry Coke and toast Denny's for this great tweet after the BCS title game—offering distraught Auburn fans a road map for where they can comfort-eat their miseries away on the long drive back home to Alabama.

Charmin Thinks Twice About Its ‘Asgard’ Joke, Even Though Twitter Loved It

First, Charmin cracks the Internet up with its potty humor. Then it wipes its Twitter clean.On Friday, the toilet-paper brand squeezed out a triumphant movie-related pun—"We've always been an #Asgardian"—along with the image of a cartoon bear wearing a winged-helmet and brandishing TP as though it were Thor's hammer. The titular character of Thor: The Dark World, which opened in theaters that very day, hails from Asgard, and Asgard sounds like "ass guard," so most commenters were bowled over by the pithy poop-culture tie-in. However, the tweet was, alas, quickly and mysteriously flushed from the system. Does that make sense when the brand was so clearly on a roll? Well, the tweet's disappearance keeps the story from stalling, so it just might be an example of brilliant marketing strategy we can all get behind.Meanwhile, Loki doesn't like being the butt of our jokes. And he can get kind of tushy pushy when he's bummed.

Oreo’s Royal Baby Tweet Gives Birth to Twitter Debate

Ever since Oreo had its buzz-generating Super Bowl blackout moment, industry players have debated the merits of real-time Twitter marketing.

Charmin Welcomes Fans to Nascar Race With Billboard Potty Humor

I love it when brands finally catch on to jokes the rest of us were making in fourth grade.