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How Westworld Dominated the Conversation on Social Media This Fall

While Netflix's Stranger Things took over social TV conversations over the summer, HBO's Westworld dominated the fall.

Who Is Axel Springer, the Company Behind Business Insider’s $343 Million Acquisition?

Axel Springer's $343 million acquisition of Business Insider this morning gives the German publisher 97 percent of the news site and events company. And it is the continuation of the Berlin-based company's rapid-fire investing in stateside digital media.

Apple’s New Openness to Ad Blockers Threatens to Remove Publishers’ Mobile Ads

When Apple unveils its new iPhone and iOS 9 operating system this week, it could also drop a bomb on publishers by opening the door to 

Why Fashionable Millennials Are Flocking to Online Brands for Wardrobe Basics

When it comes to basic clothing items—the T-shirts and trousers that are the foundation of all our wardrobes—millennials continue to shun brick-and-mortar chains like Gap and J.Crew while flocking to direct-to-consumer retailers like AYR, Cuyana and Everlane.

Smile, Wink, Pray: Brands Decode the Enigma of Emojis

Marketers want to decode one of the social Web's most cryptic languages: emojis.

Facebook Algorithm Tweaks Hurt Viral Sites More Than Other Publishers

Publishers are claiming that content they share on Facebook pages isn't reaching as many readers as it used to.

Business Insider Has Ambitious Paid Content Plans

Business Insider is known for its clicky mix of business and gossip content, delivered in the form of rapid-fire posts, slideshows and videos. In six years' time, Henry Blodget has put BI at the front in the traffic race with established brands like CNN Money and Forbes Digital.

Arianna Huffington Talks International Expansion

The Huffington Post has been on a whirlwind of international expansion. Today, 40 percent of its audience comes from outside the U.S., and according to its namesake president and editor in chief, more than half of the world’s GDP has its own HuffPost.

Business Insider CEO Says Today’s ‘Golden Age’ for Journalism Is Also Good for Advertisers

Henry Blodget is more than optimistic about the current state of the media industry. In fact, the Business Insider CEO and editor in chief believes the rise of digital media has created a "golden age" for journalism.

Business Insider Chief Technology Officer Ousted Over Crude Tweets

Take this as a reminder to think before you tweet.