How Slurpee Made Real 3-D Cups From the Soundwaves of Its Radio Ads

If you could drink a Slurpee out of anything, would you choose a plastic cup modeled from the soundwaves of a radio ad?

IHOP, Waffle House and Dunkin’ Donuts Are Unimpressed With McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

Conquering the breakfast market is essential for fast-food brands—sales last year reached $34.5 billion, per research firm Technomic.

The Tall, Cold Tale of the Big Gulp

The average American citizen will drink 44 gallons of soft drinks this year, and a good many of them will head off to the local 7-Eleven to fill up. In fact, 7-Eleven dispenses 38 million gallons of soda per annum. Why do so many of us wind up at 7-Eleven for a soda? Two reasons. The first is that 25 percent of us live within a mile of one of the stores.

7-Eleven Extends Birthday Celebration With Mobile App

As you may already know, July 11 (7/11) is the day convenience store giant 7-Eleven has adopted as its birthday, and every year for the past dozen years the chain, to mark the occasion, has given away 12-ounce Slurpees.

Prepare for a Summer of Slurpee Selfies Courtesy of 7-Eleven’s Mustache Straws

7-Eleven is now offering its Slurpees with hipsterlicious mustache straws and cups shaped like Mason jars. Be warned: they ain't free. It's a cool 99 cents for the stache straw, and a full $2.99 for the Mason jar (though you get your first Slurpee free).

Obama or Romney? Vote With Your Coffee Cup in 7-Eleven’s 7-Election

Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney by 16 points in the only poll that matters: the 7-Election. Yes, 7-Eleven's politically themed promotion is back, letting shoppers enjoy their coffee in blue cups bearing the name of the president or red ones representing the Republican challenger. (You can purchase Ho-Ho's across the aisle, in honor of Ron Paul.) Obama has 58 percent of the national "vote" so far based on cup sales, the chain says. Romney is ahead in just three states—South Carolina, Vermont and West Virginia—which, if I'm not mistaken, are worth about half an electoral vote in the real election. The 7-Election has been pretty accurate in the past, and the the chain is expanding the program this year. The Onion produced the video below as a tie-in, and 7-Eleven has released three more low-budget spots (posted after the jump) that prove the history books are right: Abe Lincoln wasn't all that funny. Plus, 7-Eleven is sending a mobile replica of the Oval Office on a 20-city tour. So, now Joe Biden will have a place to sit and dream.

Check In at 7-Eleven on Foursquare, Win a Trip to Space

Foursquare, 7-Eleven and the movie Super 8 are gonna send you into space! Kinda! What's actually happening is that Foursquare users have a chance to win tickets to Super 8, or a Zero-G experience on a modified Boeing 727, by checking in to 7-Eleven locations in the U.S.

7-Eleven Facebook Fail Almost Goes Unnoticed

Check out the short-lived 7-Eleven Facebook status update above, posted on May 3 and quickly deleted, apparently within minutes—though not before someone took a screen grab and sent it to Peter Shankman, who posted it for posterity.