7-Eleven Facebook Fail Almost Goes Unnoticed

Check out the short-lived 7-Eleven Facebook status update above, posted on May 3 and quickly deleted, apparently within minutes—though not before someone took a screen grab and sent it to Peter Shankman, who posted it for posterity. While maybe not a flub on quite the level of a Kenneth Cole or a Chrysler, the post could clearly offend some people. Others will find it funny. But regardless of whether you think the PC police are running amok, the broader question is: Why is 7-Eleven Facebooking about mental health in the first place? (This status, from later that day, is more like it: "Get out of bed faster. Set it on fire. Or, you know, just grab a $3 Breakfast Combo—coffee and your choice of breakfast sandwich for just $3. Beats scorched PJs.") The convenience-store chain has since scrubbed its page clean of any reference to the offending post, save for this brief exchange between two fans: "That status was hilarious, lol too bad it was deleted." "What did it say? I missed it."