Obama or Romney? Vote With Your Coffee Cup in 7-Eleven's 7-Election

The president pulls ahead early

Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney by 16 points in the only poll that matters: the 7-Election. Yes, 7-Eleven's politically themed promotion is back, letting shoppers enjoy their coffee in blue cups bearing the name of the president or red ones representing the Republican challenger. (You can purchase Ho-Ho's across the aisle, in honor of Ron Paul.) Obama has 58 percent of the national "vote" so far based on cup sales, the chain says. Romney is ahead in just three states—South Carolina, Vermont and West Virginia—which, if I'm not mistaken, are worth about half an electoral vote in the real election. The 7-Election has been pretty accurate in the past, and the the chain is expanding the program this year. The Onion produced the video below as a tie-in, and 7-Eleven has released three more low-budget spots (posted after the jump) that prove the history books are right: Abe Lincoln wasn't all that funny. Plus, 7-Eleven is sending a mobile replica of the Oval Office on a 20-city tour. So, now Joe Biden will have a place to sit and dream.