Erin Griffith

Talent Wars

Agencies are battling Silicon Valley for the best people. Here's how they can win

Here we go again. The people problem, a perennial fear of agency bigwigs, has begun percolating again over the past year or so, starting in the way that many a…

Charlotte Beers: Lonely at the Top

What keeps women from climbing the corporate ladder all the way up?

She’s one of the few females to run a major ad agency. But Charlotte Beers is also known for some more colorful moments: like the time she took apart and…

Do the Right (Smart) Thing

David Jones discusses advertising and social responsibility

Ignoring social responsibility is no longer an option for companies thanks to social media, according to Who Cares Wins by David Jones, CEO, Havas and Euro RSCG Worldwide. Bonus insight:…

Social’s Second Phase?

Brands still have a long way to go to get to monetization

A brand must go through three stages to achieve social enlightenment, according to a new study from Wildfire Interactive. There’s growth, there’s engagement, and then there’s monetization.  Despite all the ad…

Social Investors Seek New Niche Networks

Can the Next Big Thing be found on a small scale?

Investors, users and, more importantly, advertisers are on a constant hunt for The Next Big Thing. With LinkedIn trading publicly and Facebook’s IPO around the corner, it’s no surprise cool…

iHeartRadio Opens Its API

Third-party developers may expand availability, attract brands

Digital streaming services are expanding their self-definition by turning themselves into platforms. Last fall, Clear Channel revamped its iHeartRadio streaming site to include customization features on top of the its 800…

Dachis Group Unveils New Social Tool

Rolls out Social Performance Monitor app to help scrutinize data

Last fall, social media agency Dachis Group launched Social Business Index, a free-to-the-public database that ranks companies and brands by how social they are in real time (Today, News Corp.…

Shazam to Power Up to a Third of Super Bowl Ads

Sound recognition app now directs viewers to more content, deals

Shazam, the novel app iPhone once used as a selling point for its App Store, is in monetization mode. And with 175 million downloads and $32 million in venture backing, the…

Streaming Music Has a Problem—It's a Huge Success

Pandora, Spotify and others need revenue—and where they want to get it from is ruffling feathers

In late September, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek was the first guest Mark Zuckerberg introduced on stage during his keynote speech at the f8 developer conference, which introduced the network’s new…

A Million Little Klouts

The influence measurement service suddenly finds itself battling back against a multitude of new competitors

Social media-loving ninjas, gurus, and wizards may once have touted their Klout. But if the recent spate of criticisms over the company’s privacy, transparency, and methodology is any indication, these…