Christopher Heine

The New Star Wars Movie Just Added a Healthy Dose of Twitter Marketing in Theaters

Hashtags with your popcorn?

Here's the latest example of Twitter being everywhere in the media: The microblogging platform has teamed up with Disney and National CineMedia, which is in 1,600 theaters, to show tweets…

Shell Just Made an Interactive Music Video Specifically for Snapchat

Gas brand extends Jennifer Hudson-led effort

Shell is rebooting the #makethefuture music video it launched last month that featured musicians Jennifer Hudson, Luan Santana, Pixie Lott, Steve Aoki, Tan Weiwei and Yemi Alade. It's the same song—a cover…

FedEx Leans on a Sophisticated Data Stream to Play Last-Minute Santa

Inside the brand's weather-monitoring dashboard

Millions of Americans will wait until the last minute to send holiday gifts to far-flung locales, and many will lean on FedEx to make it happen in a hurry. There's…

8 New Stats About Whether Influencer Marketing Campaigns Actually Work

Brand practitioners weigh in

Whether influencer marketing works can be controversial among brand practitioners. Linqia is an influencer platform, but in spite of the company's obvious interests, its study actually seems to shine light on…

Here's How Much Engagement Holiday Retailers Are Getting in Social Media So Far

Lowe's, Nordstrom and Old Navy are faring well

Since Nov. 1, Origami Logic has been tracking 125 brands across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to gauge the level of engagement holiday-focused marketers are achieving. The company, which offers marketing software…

Facebook and Other Digital Ad Sellers Saw Double-Digit Gains on Black Friday and Thanksgiving

Big lift compared to last year

Digital advertisers spent 17.9 percent more on Black Friday and 13.8 percent more on Thanksgiving compared to last year, according to AdRoll's data. Its findings are based on cross-client numbers…

BuzzFeed CMO Frank Cooper Is Leaving the Digital Media Giant

He's been seen as key to its ad business

Industry veteran Frank Cooper is leaving BuzzFeed, where he has been CMO for the past 17 months. In marketing circles, Cooper has been seen as a key conduit between the digital…

State Farm and Postmates Are Delivering Free BBQ-and-French-Fries-Stuffed Burritos to NFL Fans

Aimed at 'housegaters'

Football fans love their big-screen TVs so much that "housegating" is evidently the new tailgating. State Farm, working with agency DDB Chicago, has partnered with courier service Postmates and Chili's to capitalize…

Amazon Is Dominating Online Retail Going Into the Holiday Shopping Season

Data-rich chart shows it's a statistical rout

Some might say it's Amazon's online world, and the rest of us are just browsing in it. And while virtually roaming Amazon's real estate, many people also spend a crazy of…

Starbucks Is Selling a $150 Smart Mug That Lets You Control the Temperature of Your Coffee

Device is already buzzy

Watch out, folks, your coffee may soon be getting hacked—in a good way. A hundred Starbucks stores are selling smart coffee mugs made by Ember. The internet-connected mug lets users adjust…