Instagram Now Has 2 Million Advertisers Following Explosive Growth During the Last 18 Months

Its customer list has grown 900% since early 2016

The image-focused social app appears to be killing it among marketers. Sources: Instagram
Headshot of Christopher Heine

For over a year, Instagram has been pushing the idea that small businesses represent a big potential growth area for its advertising business. For instance, that was the thrust of the message conveyed by former Instagram global head of business and brand development James Quarles (who since has moved on to lead Strava) at Cannes 2016.

Well, today, all that talk certainly doesn’t seems like malarkey. Timed to Advertising Week, which kicks off today, the Facebook-owned app is revealing that it now has two million monthly advertisers, growing from 1 million as recently as March, which represents a massive jump of 900 percent since February of last year, when it had 200,000 advertisers.

In a blog post today, Instagram didn’t explain how it’s been able to increase advertisers so quickly. But it stands to reason that Facebook’s existing, massive customer base of brands big and small is taking more and more notice of Instagram’s ad opportunities.

While marketers like Michael Kors are increasingly utilizing Instagram video ads, local players are getting into the game. For instance, New York politicians for the Sept. 12 primary elections consistently bought Instagram ads, including Democratic city council hopeful Justin Brannan (seen above), who won his party’s nomination in Brooklyn’s 43rd district.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.