Infographic: How Streaming Is Changing TV as We Know It

47% of cord cutters think OTT services create the best content

Video editor: Breana Mallamaci
Headshot of Sammy Nickalls

It’s no secret that streaming services from Netflix to YouTube have been causing trouble for traditional networks, but new data shows that they’ve been morphing the way we think about television as we know it, from cable subscriptions to binge-watching. Market research company GfK MRI found that about 62 percent of the population regularly binge-watches TV, with a whopping 76 percent of streamers regularly bingeing compared with 43 percent of nonstreamers. And while traditional TV service is by no means dead, 25 percent of binge-watchers are now completely cordless.

“Video entertainment is an anytime, anywhere experience,” said Amy Hunt, vp of TVideo media sales at GfK MRI. “Streaming services have put the viewer in the content driver’s seat now more than ever—and disrupted a marketplace that seemed unshakeable a generation ago.”

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@sammynickalls Sammy Nickalls is a freelance writer and the former departments editor at Adweek.