YouTube Introduced TrueView for Reach Ads

They combine the in-stream format of its six-second Bumpers with CPM buying

View count alone will not tell a marketer if their video is resonating with audiences. hocus-focus/iStock

YouTube Monday announced that brands can now buy its TrueView ads and optimize them for reach.

Product managers for video ads Ali Miller and Khushbu Rathi revealed in a blog post that 87 percent of YouTube’s six-second Bumper ads drove “significant lifts” in ad recall, averaging 20 percent across all campaigns.

They added that the new TrueView for reach ads combine its existing in-stream format with “the simplicity of CPM [cost per thousand impressions] buying,” all falling under the 95 percent viewable and 95 percent audible parameters.

This means brands can create ads as short as six seconds (and up to 30 seconds), which users can skip after five seconds, and which will run before or during videos.

For YouTube’s current TrueView in-stream ads, advertisers only pay when viewers watch at least 30 seconds, or through the end of the video, or when they take actions such as clicking on cards or other elements within the creative.

Miller and Rathi said in their blog post that in a beta-test of 84 TrueView for reach campaigns, nine out of 10 drove “significant lifts” in ad recall, with an average lift of nearly 20 percent, basically mirroring the results it delivered with its six-second Bumper ads. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.