7 Marketing Lessons from Ryan Reynolds; Facebook Cracks Down on Hate: Friday’s First Things First

Plus, an unlikely hero for hurricane-prone regions

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Yes, Ryan Reynolds Really Writes His Own Stuff, and He’s Got 7 Marketing Lessons for You

Ad world icon—and, you know, Hollywood superstar—Ryan Reynolds joined Brandweek yesterday for a talk with David Griner about his work with his content studio Maximum Effort and brands Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile. The fireside chat covered his marketing strategy and how his experience in films prepared him to create great and memorable ads. Here are just two of the lessons we learned:

  • To be a good marketer, be a consumer first: While he was shooting Deadpool in Vancouver, Reynolds tried a Negroni made with Aviation Gin. He fell in love and trusted that other consumers would love it too.
  • Speed is key: Part of the success of Aviation and Mint Mobile ads is that they’re able to quickly and nimbly respond to trends. (See: The Peloton Wife parody ad.) Reynolds calls it “fastvertising”—getting a clever idea out as quickly as possible.

Discover five more secrets to Reynolds’ marketing success.

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Facebook Cracks Down on Hate Speech in Groups

Facebook said that it removed more than 1 million groups and 13.5 million pieces of content classified as hate speech in its groups for hate speech over the course of the past year. These figures were released alongside the platform’s new policies to limit the spread of hate speech in groups and unfounded health advice. The new measures prevent group admins from creating new groups if they’re removed for rule violations, and impose approval restrictions on members who break site rules.

More active measures: Find out what else Facebook is doing to address repeated criticism that it has created a space for hate to flourish.

Bacardi-Owned Spirit Brand Sponsors ‘Unbreakable’ Shutters for Hurricane-Prone Homes

Stillhouse whiskey is lending a hand during a brutal hurricane season by providing 400 metal shutter panels to homes in the Florida panhandle. The materials are inspired by the stainless steel cans that its spirits are packaged in, contrasting with typical glass bottles. “Our brand values resourcefulness and resilience and we are inspired by the strength these families have shown by rebuilding,” said Bacardi global marketing vp Jennifer Pisciotta.

Watch: A video featuring the stories of hurricane survivors announced the project.

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