How Your Brand Can Get Involved in That Big Sporting Event in Brazil That You’re Not Allowed to Name

There will be sports next week in the southern hemisphere, in a place that rhymes with Leo. For couch-dwelling humans and brands alike, it's a time of excitement and inspiration involving multiple screens and an insane amount of social media action.

Still Have Questions About Addressable TV Advertising? We’ve Got Answers

A lot of advertisers are reimagining how they approach TV. But that doesn't mean we're all suddenly experts on the latest addressable TV technologies that make data-driven household targeting possible.

The 2016 Rio Games Will Be a Breakthrough Event for Cross-Device Marketing

The summer and winter games have long been one of the television advertising world's signature events. In fact, advertisers are estimated to spend over $1 billion on official television spots during the broadcast of the Rio games on NBC in August, according to Variety.

The Brand Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Advertising

What are you doing to ensure you're getting the most from your social ad dollars? Brands are spending more than ever on social media advertising—it will account for more than 23 percent of all digital ad spend this year, worth some $15.6 billion, according to eMarketer. But are you spending your budget efficiently? And how are you measuring the impact of your social campaigns?

Brands Won’t Master Viral Video Until They Change Their Approach

In the past, celebrity endorsers ruled the marketing world. Their recognizable faces and voices, which came with huge price tags, backed every major ad campaign. But over the last few years that system has drastically changed. For a fraction of the cost, brands can get their messages out with an entirely different approach that is likely to be even more engaging: user-generated videos.

Here’s a 3-Minute Guide to Explaining Influencer Marketing to Your Boss

6 Dangerously Inaccurate Assumptions You’re Making About Millennials

The next best thing to finding the elixir of eternal youth is to figure out how the young work. For marketers keen to capture a committed audience, millennials represent the ultimate prize: engaged with the world, earning money, eager to spend it.

One Metric Advertisers Should Be Optimizing for During the Summer Games

Infographic: The Big Opportunities for Marketers During This Summer of Sports

Every four years, the world's attention turns to the sports and athletes of the summer games. But what do you really know about the people who spend hours each day following these events?

The Big Topics of Conversation at Cannes This Year

The advertising industry's annual party on the French Riviera might be over, but its impact is only beginning to be felt.