How LiveRamp Intends to Woo Advertisers Now That the Cookie Is Starting to Crumble

However, it still comes with privacy questions

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LiveRamp today announced the launch of Authenticated Traffic Solution, a method of online ad targeting that it claims lets publishers and supply-side platforms better monetize users without the need for the increasingly out-of-favor cookie-based tracking.

Per LiveRamp, ATS provides targeting techniques based on publishers’ first-party authentications, which can then deliver enhanced addressability on cookie-less ad inventory across the open internet.

ATS works by taking the publisher-based user consent and then syncing it with LiveRamp’s people-based IDs—known as IdentityLinks—which in turn provides a holistic view of consumers based on its offline database called AbiliTec graph.

From here publishers and their allied SSPs can provide enhanced audience targeting capabilities to advertisers, even in environments where the traditional means of behavioral based advertising are depreciated, such as Apple’s



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