AppsFlyer: Facebook Was the No. 1 Mobile Media Source in 1H 2020

The newest Performance Index includes two new indices related to monetization

For the 11th edition of its Performance Index, AppsFlyer added two new indices AppsFlyer

Mobile attribution and data analytics company AppsFlyer released the 11th edition of its Performance Index, which analyzes mobile media sources. The report examined 27 billion application installations and 58 billion app opens across 14,000 apps from January through June 2020.

For the latest edition of its report, AppsFlyer introduced two new indices, the IAP Index and the IAA Index, which, respectively, rank media sources based on “their ability to deliver users with the highest likelihood to complete an in-app purchase,” and on “their ability to deliver users who monetize best with ads.”

These two indices join three previously existing rankings in the report: The Retention Index (previously called the Performance Index), the Remarketing Index and the Growth Index.

For 1H 2020, Google Ads took the top spot on the Retention Index, followed by Facebook in second place. However, when AppsFlyer looked at the performance of media sources across all five indices, Facebook came out on top.


AppsFlyer said in a statement, “The social network’s ability to drive performance at scale in both the Retention Index and the new IAP (in-app purchase) Index has propelled Facebook’s ranking forward. It also dominates the new IAA (in-app advertising) Index, as well as the Remarketing Index, making its overall cross-index position as the dominant force in mobile clear.”

You can view AppsFlyer’s full report on its website.