The New York Times Is Documenting Post-Election Acts of Hate in a New Column

"This Week in Hate"

In a sad reflection of the state of the country following the election of Donald Trump as president, the New York Times today debuted a new column in its opinion pages called This Week in Hate.

It’s one of those it-would-be-better-if-it-didn’t-have-to-exist kind of deals, as it lists “a selection of incidents to show the scope” of post-election hate crimes and incidents of harassment. Many groups that receive and track hate crimes, including the Southern Poverty Law Center and Council on American-Islamic Relations, have reported an increase in the number of hate-related complaints they have received since the election, although the way in which hate crimes are tracked throughout the country makes it difficult to quantify in general.

Each item identified in the post–there are ten this week–includes a link to a reported story on the incident, as well as a link to resources and tips on responding to harassment.