Society of Publication Designers Announces Award Finalists

Approximately 7,000 entries, 125 categories, and 64 judges later, The Society of Publication Designers has just released the giant list of Medal Finalists from its 43rd Annual Design Competition, which includes awards for design, photography, and illustration excellence. The judging was chaired by Dirk Barnett (creative director of Blender), Scott Dadich (creative director of WIRED), Francesca Messina (senior art director at Workman Publishing), and Paul Schrynemakers (creative director at Rodale Interactive). The awards will be presented in New York on May 9th. Is your favorite publication among the 50 Print Medal Finalists? Did that photo spread you can’t stop thinking about get a nod? Any posthumous love for the short-lived Blueprint? We’ve posted the entire listing after the jump. No time for lists? You just relax and toss back another box of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts (is it just us or do the green ones have a superior taste), and we’ll be back shortly to break it down for you, UnBeige-style.