Online Video Ad Segment Poised to Explode

The online video advertising market is poised for rapid growth over the next few years, according to eMarketer.
The research firm estimates online video advertising spending will grow more than 48 percent this year, reaching $1.5 billion. By 2014, it expects the video ad market will top $5.5 billion.
“Video fulfills branding objectives better than any other current online ad Format — with the sound, motion and emotion of TV, but with better measurability and targeting,” said David Hallerman, a senior analyst at eMarketer. “The continued development of more professional-quality video on the Web makes the target audience more receptive to advertiser messages and thereby encourages advertisers to spend more for video ads.”
Still, spending growth does not necessarily correlate with current market importance. While video ad spending growth will far outpace that of any other online ad format from 2009 to 2014, it will still represent only 6 percent of all Internet advertising expenditures in 2010.