Journalists Rank Number One in Coffee Consuming Professions

coffee cupAccording to a new study by Pressat, journalists are finally coming in number one in a well-deserved category. No, it’s not salary. And no, it’s not related to career opportunities. It is, however, related to java!

That’s right, journalists ranked numero uno in the study for chugging coffee. Let’s dig deeper: Among the 10,000 professionals included in the survey, 85 percent admitted to drinking at least three coffee cups a day. Almost 70 percent mentioned they would find it a lot harder to get through their day without a morning fix.

Professionals guzzling more than four cups a day included police officers and teachers. Men slightly edged women in consumption but as we’re talking about consumption, we need to give a shout out to stress management. Per the piece, 62 percent of workers in the survey weren’t aware of health risks associated with excess coffee consumption like strokes, anxiety and heart problems. Okay, public service announcement time is over…

Let’s take a look at additional professions ranking behind journalism in consumption: plumbers and trade workers, nurses and medical staff, company executives, telesales, IT technical support, retail staff and drivers.